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Remote Deposit Capture

Bring the Convenience of the Bank to Your Desk! 

Remote Deposit allows you to deposit checks directly from your desktop. If you have multiple business locations but use one centralized account you can deposit all checks into one account and be able to see which location deposited money into the account.

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No need to manually prepare your checks for deposit anymore. The Remote Deposit Capture scanners accurately capture all of the necessary information from each check for both deposit and reconcilement. That means your employees won't have to spend hours copying checks for your files. Check images are available within seconds from up to seven years of history.  What's more, the software helps prevent keying errors common in manual check handling. Centennial Bank’s PC-based software is easy to us, normally taking less than 30 minutes of training.

No more hassle of physically delivering checks.  With Remote Deposit Capture, you create an electronic deposit that's transmitted to Centennial Bank  with robust security features, via the Internet. You can make the deposits at any time from any location. That reduces expenses for your business.  

Later deposit deadlines and faster funds availability. Centennial Bank uploads electronic deposits to its information reporting systems throughout each business day up until 5:00pm CST. That allows them to post faster than physical deposits made up of paper checks; your deposits are normally credited to your account the next morning.  It also means you'll be notified sooner if a check is flagged for return.

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