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Round up. Save. It's that simple.

Centennial Bank Debit Card

Morning Coffee Purchase

Checking Account

Transfer to Savings

Savings Account

Transfer from Checking


$3.75 (Charge)


$0.25 (Transfer)



Track your Total Savings in Online Banking under

Save the CENTS Life to Date

What You'll Need To Enroll

1) Centennial Bank Personal Checking Account

2) Centennial Bank MasterCard® ​Debit Card

3) Centennial Bank Personal Savings Account

(excluding Christmas Savings Accounts)

New to Centennial Bank?

  • Visit a Centennial Bank branch (excluding New York) and ask to enroll in our Save the Cents program.
  • Open a checking and a savings account in one transaction online and enroll for the program simultaneously during the process. Enrollment and opening deposit restrictions apply. Click Centennial Bank Personal Checking Account link above to get started.  

Don't have one or more of these products?

  • Centennial Bank Checking and Savings Accounts can be opened online or in-branch using the links above.
  • Centennial Bank MasterCard® Debit Cards can be printed in most Centennial Bank branches instantly. Replacement fees may apply.

Have everything you need?

  • Log into Online Banking. Once you are authenticated click the Services tab and select Save the Cents.


Terms and Conditions
When you enroll in the Save the Cents service, we will round up the amount of any MasterCard® debit card purchase made by you or any MasterCard® debit cardholder on your Checking Account to the next whole dollar amount in excess of the posted transaction amount and transfer the excess amount from your Checking Account to the designated Savings Account. A purchase is defined as any debit card transaction made in person or online (ATM transactions and transactions credited to your account not included). Enrollment will be completed and transfers will begin within three business days of enrollment date. For the purposes of this document, a business day is defined as Monday through Friday in which the bank is open and doing business.
We aggregate the round-up amount from each MasterCard® debit card purchase that posts to your Checking Account each business day and make a single transfer at the end of the next business day. If on a business day you do not have sufficient available funds in your Checking Account or if the balance of the account is less than the calculated transfer, we will cancel the Save the Cents transfer for that day and the transfer will not occur. See bank for additional details. 
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